About Me

Hello there...

My name is Medi, I'm just a simple young African woman from The Congo  ( yes made in Africa)  who enjoys to share what I think  would be pleasant to read or to look at. I'm very ambitious and I do dream very big.

La Belle Kitoko is a lifestyle blog based on everything mostly random thoughts, inspirations and ideas mainly. Most of my posts will be based on my believes, on my loving and liking, on my life experiences and others inputs. I believe in miracles and God's wonder because I'm one and if you are reading this now you must be one too.

I recently rediscovered a very good skills of mine which is drawing... I love to draw. check my instagram for daily pictures of my drawings but I will be posting on here too.  I call it grace and it's by grace.

I love to be inspired by others and I hope this blog will inspired you.

more is to come....

If you enjoy my posts please do subscribe for more. If you have anything to say comment or would like me to discuss about something in particular please contact me via emails at Labellekitoko@hotmail.com


  1. I typically don't like when people only come to my blog to promote their own, but I really like your blog and I look forward to reading more (I'll be adding you to my feedly. It's really cool that you're from Africa too. Nice to meet you!


    1. Thank very much Chymere A, I do appreciate your support. I'm glad that you like this blog. Wonderful works done over your blog, congrats. And nice to meet you too

  2. Such a cool blog!

    Now following via bloglovin'. x Would love to now who designed ur blog x


    1. Hey Michelle thank you for stopping by and your support! My blog was designed by Lasso Connect. Xx I shall follow you back thanks

  3. hello we are a charity in Manchester (Community Arts North West) writing a blog about everything Congolese. One of our articles is about Congolese fashion. I was wondering would we be able to use one of your pictures from this blog and then reference your blog underneath as the source?

    cool, interesting blog by the way xx

  4. Hi there,Of course Angela feel free to use any picture as long as this blog and myself are referenced. And l do not forget to update us with the blog.

    You are welcome xx

  5. je suis tombé sur ton blog par hasard et j'aime beaucoup. Bonne continuation