Classic Style Series: Why you should invest on a white shirt

If there one thing that every woman should own in their wardrobe is a white shirt or blouse but preferably a classic white shirt. a classic white shirt has been introduced in women wardrobe since the beginning of fashion.  a white shite is a staple piece just like the little black dress. everyone needs it and must have it.
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the secrete of a white shirt is on its versatility, a white shirt can be worn diverse ways: long sleeves, short sleeves, rolled sleeve, button up or down, just to name a few.  if there is one thing I have learned from a simple white shirt or blouse is it will never go out of style because it fits in every trend.

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You must know what kind of style you are aiming for with a white shirt. After a great look and research, I have condensed the white shirt in 3 categories. Which are: fitted, men’s fit and flowing fit. But the key with a white shirt regarding the fit is to know what to pair it with which will polish the look you are going for and trend and style that you are representing.

The 3 reasons the classic white shirt is a must-have:

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A fitted white shirt will make you look very smart, corporate and classy. When paired a perfect partner by its simplicity, versatility and enduring style.

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Long sleeves white shirt can be worn long or rolled up conditional on if you are trying to be the casual outfit.

White shirt adds a top up style to a basic cardigan, jumper, a dress, Gillet or sweater. 

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