Note to self Chapter One ( Dreams come true when you believe it)

Photo credit and model: @anaia 

So today is the new year's day, it's the start of something great and wonderful.  It's the day we all press the reset button and declare great things for our year ahead.   Some of us have resolution s that they set dated back 5 years ago.

Those resolutions that never come true but somehow we always hope it may happen. This is me falling into that category. Every single new year I will make myself plans that I know for a fact will only last 2 weeks.  I find the motivation there and then to do something and after a while just don't keep track. It is so easy to hope that your dreams may come true than actually believe it will.

It's almost like working for yourself than working for someone else. we tend to care so much about other people work, dreams and future than we actually do about ourselves. However, I also noticed all of this do change when we start to believe in who we can be and what we could achieve. Believing in yourself should be the first motivation for accomplishing something.

And this has become hard and harder in the world that we are living as we need to seek validation from other before we accept ourselves. We are a living in a time where everyone literally everyone qualifies themselves on giving unwanted or wanted advice to other but in the same breath they ain't willing to practice it for their own good because in the certain level they don't believe in themselves.

My note to self on this date 01/01/18. Believe dreams come true when you are here when you are willing to act on it and when you are determined to achieve it. Your dreams will come true because it's your vision, you have to take care of it and cherish it. And when you cherish your vision, that means you have the capacity and ability to love yourself. Dreams come true when you believe it.

Happy New Year

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