Kitoko Style: Ciara Black Is Back (inspiration look)

Black is a classic and an essential color to have in your wardrobe. If mixed, it goes with everything. It can be the main or only color of an outfit. You can wear it in every occasion. 

After a long obsevation of Ciara style, there is no secret that she can rock any shade of black. At any occassion Ciara showed how black can go from glamorous to casual day out without looking scary funeral. 

So I broke down her styling of black into 5 sections, this is based on my own observation. In differents occassions and places, Ciara guides a way on making black a standout color. 

Little Girly Black  Outfit

The little black dress is timeless and can be presented girly or womanlike. As shown above on Ciara. To make the dress girly, raffles or lace on the dress can do. To make the dress more womanlike a curve out-show dress with a pair or classic heels does the trick. 

Casual Blackout

On a casual side, black jeans or legging will never fail you. Easy to style up since it goes with everyting. Preferable with flats shoes, such as boots or even trainners. Giving you that rock and roll look but yet casual and classy.

The Black Dramatic 

Although black is a classic color, it can turn out to be a boring color. So to jazz it up a bit, it's allowed to go a little bit over the top with it. Add embelishment  and details to it, makes it more defined in color. 

Black Leather Pants 

Leather is leather! You can't look old too young or too old in leather or even too dress up. Ciara wears leather in her nights out as well as in her live perfermances. Whether it's chic with pairs or Louboutins or Jordans, leather blinds well with the vibes brought to it. 

Furry Got Black

Everyone need a piece of fabuloussity in their wardrobe. If I will suggest that one piece to make you go from simple to luxury, is fur! It doesn't have to be animal fur, now days you get very good quality faux fur with nice synthetic fibres. It just makes you look expensive especially in black.

Well this is it what I had to say about  Ciara style of black for now, I found it inspirational. 

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Medi Falissia

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