Back To The Roots

I love my african prints, and matching them with the colors present in the patern. This particular shirt I'm wearing was made specially to me for my cousin's graduation in Kinshasa.
We have a tradition, and I'm sure many africans who read my blog will relate with, we love to wear uniforms for every life events.

 The graduation happened ages ago but still I kept my uniform shirt. It brings me a lot of memories, as it was a pride moment for my cousin (female) to finish her studies with great grades. That event has set a lot of encouragement for the rest of us ( other girls in the family ).

The name of the actual quality is Super Soso by Utex Africa, Kinshasa.
The design is pretty simple a short sleeves shirt with the inside details out. I love the color-mix of the prints, black, white, yellow, green and two shades of brown. Together with printed circled-flowers.

I paired it with a green belt since the green is the colour that stands out on my shirt. The belt is also used to show my hips. Along side I added a brown ( light brown) bag which goes with the prints.

My belt is from Primark and my bag is from the South Shield's marked, just a simple cross body bag with gold zip and buckles. I find this aztec bangle from Next, it goes with my shirtold white and huge yellow earings. 

 Since I was going with a green theme, I paired my shirt and belt with green jeans. I bought them a while ago in H & M. It takes a lot of confidence to rock colored jeans but I was feeling great, motherland spirit all the way so I just went with the flow.

And finally my shoes are from an affordable website, they have all types of shoes and interesting stuffs. I will do a review on that site in my future post.

Thank you for your visits xx

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