Kitoko Inspiration: Cheri Samba

If you have noticed most of my works are inspired by my African roots. I'm Congolese by the way for these who wonders.

I have recently discovered a great Congolese painter whom works was unknown to me until a year ago. The Congo is sadly known for rape and wars, and if we talk about art it's mainly music.

But today I will feature Cheri Samba one of the greatest  painter in the world, straight from the DR Congo.

I'm from Kinshasa, in some part of the town, mostly the suburban areas, walls are covered of arts, drawing describing social chaos, injustice and different issues in our society.

Once I saw a drawing of a weird shaped man, with an oversized belly, holding a glass which appeared to me to be a glass of beer on a pub's wall better known as "Nganda".

It was such a beautiful and catchy drawing as much as disturbing because of the health of the person on that drawing and other details around him.

I came across Cheri Samba by watching Louis Vuitton's travelling book which he illustrated. He is known for being very political, his drawings describe mostly Congolese social issues, just like the drawing on that Nganda's wall I once saw.

His  art are exposed in Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris and elsewhere.

How come I never heard of him, such a great Congolese painter? Was I too young when I left the country ? If so why don't Congolese youth talk about him now ?

Youth in Congo are in need of role models to inspire them and cultivate their artistic senses, spreading the news about Cheri Samba for instance, will help those with talents to achieve goals like Cheri in life. To be successful doesn't necessary mean to be a politician, doctor, lawyer or military officer. You can be successful in any area you want to.

I did a bit of diggings on Cheri Samba, he started way back 1975 as an illustrator for Bilenge Info Magazine, I realised that we do ( in Congo ) actually have newspaper/ magazin illustrator with great unique art but they are unknown.

Why can't the ministry of culture value those painters or even sculptors of which you find a number of status and sculptors around the city ? Give them a panel in order for them to express themselves, people will from there associate their arts with their faces and voices.

Cheri Samba is certainty one of many talent Congo have delivered and I am glad he has made us pride, I can name a few others painter like Bobo and Moke, that I will  feature in my blog in my future post.

Until than enjoy these samples that I found on internet, if you are Congolese you would definitely relate to his paintings, and I will ask you to share his work as well, spread the word.

Here is some of my favorites:

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