Kitoko Fashion: Beyonce Yellow Boom

There is no secrete that Beyonce's favorite color is yellow, she is been rocking since she started her true fame. Beyonce Queen B ... Queen of Bees?? 
Well we have caught her expressing the love of her favorite color in every environment she is at. I think it's inspiring how you can express  the love of your favorite color everyday and everywhere without looking too much. 

So here we go:

The Beyonce Yellow Casual Day

Using a yellow blazer over a neutral (white and black) makes the color stand out and transform the outfit to normal to Pop classy, yep I said Pop classy which mean the use of pop or bright color without looking too much well not trash. Once you achieve that you automatically standout to the point of turning heads.

The other one looks is more relax, not too  much out in your face yellow, still in a casual day out you don't want to shock people with a bright yellow ( especially when the sun is out). So what you could do is find a top or bottom with yellow prints in it match up with something more neutral such as black, blue, cream or white.

The Beyonce Yellow Night Out 

A Beyonce night out will go full on blast with yellow, why not! you only die one so go for it. Make a statement with a yellow dress, nice hair done then you are ready for the night. The dress will still all the attention, it will make a scene. 

Or more evening, diner date, go for an ensemble of yellow. It's never too much as Beyonce is showing with dress or short, blazer or coat make sure they look pop chic, pop classy, you don't want to pull of a granny outfit, you want to impress.

The Beyonce Galla or Red Carpet Ready

1 The embellishment

A yellow dress with colorful embellishment will make you stand out from the red carpet

2 The silk dress 

A silky dress is very sensual because a silk fabric is very good feel to touch, so that makes your silhouette attractively sexy. Wanna be sexy? Go silky! 

3 The details 
A dress with details going on, makes you look well dress and very sophisticated


The Beyonce Yellow Bikini holiday 
 A Bikini with style, a yellow mix with extra bit to mark the attitude of moment. Those extra bit can go from tassels to glitter, is no limits.

Go full holiday spirits with yellow accessorises ( not sure about Solange outfit, Lord have merci)

The boom is yellow on yellow, nothing is more sexy to have a bright yellow bikin with nice fabric pattern on them like aztec or crazy beautiful pattern. 

Beyonce Queen B

 Those are some of beyonce's yellow outfit at work,well at her work.

I hope you liked this post, and you were inspired how to express your favorite color without been too much. Comment, Like, Share and Oh if you are here for the first time.... WELCOME!!

The imposing performance graduates with my highlight

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