Hi everyone, long time no post!

I thought i would do a post on fitness, and I chose monday as a starting date because for me monday is the day of starting work and stuff.

So what i thought I would is starting a new program of getting fit for the week. Each new week i will try different exercises and i will give review of the previous exercises.

This week exercise is SEAT UP!!  Summer time, bikini out, tshirt off  and tummy flat ironed ... that's why we   need to work out those sexy ads out.

to help me to follow this exercise, I made a plan to keep me on tack for this week and to not get bored or even quiet.
OK here is my plan:

  • I wake up at 6 am and I do seat up for a hour and it goes like this: I lay on my back, knee together, feet down and I'm going to rise up. I do 10 min seat up then break for 5 min . Add it all together it going to make 40 min seat up and 20 min break. That is the morning blast before starting the day.

  • After the all the chacha during the day, evening time before to put that body in rest, I do mine around 9 pm.  this time it a little different because my seat up is different. Instead of me having my feet down but this time i would have my knee together feet up, laying on my back and hip twist to 90 degrees and I'm going slowly rise my head to reach my knees. But this time I do 10 min seat up and 10 min break time. in this way i don't feel tired to quiet the movement. and you do it for an hour.

For those who do it to lose weight: make sure you drink 2 liter of water a day to keep you hydrated. instead of 2 hours per day, I would advice to do it 4 hours a day and keep the same rhythm.and don't forget to eat healthy, remember your 5 a days ( I will make a post about it soon).

and here is some music that help me to exercises...

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  1. hey! nice workout plan! I am obsessed with working out too! I posted a full body workout on my blog if you want more ideas! :) love ur blog! i am following on bloglovin! x
    - Andrea