Products That Makes Skin Feel Good This Summer ( secret of even skin)

Ok so since it's summer sometime the weather let our skin down. Since the start of Spring I have been collecting products that I tried, love and hate for the past weeks to finally build up a dream team for my skin, The Skin Care Team. Those products here are affordable and believe me they make your skin glowing and even.
Here they are!! the look a lots but they are amazing, Don't you just which to go back to coco butter days, when you didn't even know what toner was?? lol oh well woman get to do what they got to do right?  Let me break them down: 

The Morning Team  

  • Riemann P20 ( 50+spf)
  • A Spray Water Bottle 
  • T-zone ( Dual Action Power Scrub)
  • Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturiser
  • Aveeno Positively Radiant serum

The Night Team 

  • Johnson's 3 in 1 Make-Up Removing 
  • Johnson's Face Wash 
  • Johnson's Baby Powder

The Night Routine 

At night time I like a straight forwards set up that I can just follow to make my skin feel clean and soft. Because after a long day it is always nice to wake up clean, fresh and beautiful.

I have been doing this for the past weeks and the results are great. the fact that those products are affordable and help to maintain the skin even and prevent the break out. 

On a normal no make up day, because I leave the skin to breath sometimes and that helps prevent black heads and breakage of the skin. So I use Face Wash or Baby Oil, just to sweep off the dirt on the skin surface. With cotton pad or hand tower then rinse with warm water.  

But on a bright Make-up day, I use make-up removing 3 in 1 which cleanse, tone and moisturises the skin. I really like using this, the make-up come off easily even water proof mascara.

And after that I use face wash with cotton pad first and then with my hands with warm water.

 Then I use the powder just to put it on my face. Since I do have a slightly oily skin specially on the t-zone of my face ( nose, front head and the just under lips)

As we know talc powder help to leave the skin soft. It prevent irritation as well. I sleep with it on so when I wake up my skin is soft and ready for another big day. And that's it, my night routine sorted.

The Day Routine

Let me first introduce you to Aveeno products, if you don't know those product then you are honestly missing out. Everything that they say about it out there is true. Those products will care for your skin not only because they are formulate well but because they are made by natural active ingredients such as soy which is proven to even the skin tone and give it a radiant glow .

I use Aveeno Positive Radiant moisturiser after that I have scrub up my skin with the daily scrub then I apply the serum before then which is very light on the skin. with both of them combining, its a very good feeling and light on the skin.

Those are my top face scrub, I will recommend it to give it a try. The T Zone which is a recent buy, Works wonders on my skin. It does have a mint fresh feeling that leave the skin after using it and soft.
With the help of Tea Tree, Salicylic Acid and Vitamin C this prevent and fight acne too because it's a deep cleaning.To use it , I start by wetting my face with warm water then apply the scrub  end with a rinse off.

Always apply a sunscreen, because you don't want to get those wrinkles. P20 is my choice of protection because it's easy to use and with the 50+ spf protection up to 10 hours. Although I can't say if the product is stopping me of tanning because I tanned up to 3 shades darker but my skin is even and nice. And plus this is a spray, I prefer that better then sticky lotions. So I apply it after finishing putting my makeup on or 20 minutes before I leave the house.

 Finally the last step which is water. Our skin need to hydrated when the skin is not hydrated that's how breakage happens. In order for you to have even complexion, make sure you drink enough water and because of the heat a spray bottle of water to fresh up your look revive your face. I travel with mine in the bag always, it helps me to be fresh all the time and it's free. Free beauty tips. 

I hope you like this post, like, share and comment. Ask me questions what would you like to know more and PS this tips is very suitable for sensitive skin too and Men. So go ahead try it and let me know of what you think about it, tell me if it work out for you.



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  2. I didn't know Johnson's had a makeup remover! Homie say what?! Thanks for sharing! I'll be giving it a go!


    1. Hello Kimberly thank you for dropping by, and yes those make up remover are really good you should try them

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