Liputa / Ankara / Tribal / African Prints And The Benefits of Helping This Industry

In 2012, fashion was invaded with Tribal prints. We got introduced to Liputa, Ankara and African prints. So what about 2013??

Liputa dress/ Ankara dress

I have this feeling in me that we should carry on with the prints this year and the next year and the year after that. why? because it represent the African's culture and values.
solange Liputa fashion
 Those Ankara or Liputa fabrics are mainly made in africa, with companies such as TEXAF, Super Waxe, Vlisco and Congotex used to be known for Utex Africa are companies that need to keep selling their products in order to run and those are companies which is helping the local people with employments.
Liputa bag
Are you feeling inspired yet? 
Alicia and Beyonce ankara

 Have you ever think, the more Liputa /Ankara you are buying the more will be mass production which lead to more job opportunities for africans, the less will be poverty. And this is a straight message to those who thinking of helping africa, I hope now you understand you can help african through fashion too.

Liputa dress Ankara dress African prints

The other thing about is Liputa / Ankara is it never get old and the style is freestyle. you can design it the way you want and wear it the way you want.

Kim liputa
Not to mention this new wave of african designers who have unique touch to their work with Liputa and Ankara detailing by buying their products, it's way of helping their business to grow. And again the more business out there the more opportunities for employments.

Ankara shoe

I'm so proud of celebrities which are carrying one with this Tribal/ African until today please don't stop. maybe we can create a new saving hand for Africa through this industry.

I have just linked some websites of the designers and companies  please have a look at them...

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