The Power Of Forgiveness

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"Forgive those who has hurt you"...

There are 4 things we can learn about forgiveness :
  • "Everything you do shall come back to you" by saying that I mean the way we treat others we will be treat the same. That's also mean if you can't forgive other, it will be hard for others to forgive you as well. You have to give in order to receive it't the same way with forgiveness.

  • Forgiveness is forget about what happen . As a christian we are call to for God to do his duty, having said that when you forgive and don't forget it like you holding something back, your forgiveness is not truthful. God duty is revenge not yours. 

  • if you cant forgive you will open door to misunderstanding, trouble and hatred in your life, how? since you can't understand others nobody will understand you, since you hate others they will hate you too. 

  • finally the 4th thing is by forgiveness you relieve the blessing from God. You will be bless because God will remember the scarify you made.

I know it takes a lot to forgive but guess what will gain so much more....

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