What bleaching cream will do to you

Straight out from the pictures this is more what you are likely to experiment for a long or short period of bleaching. 

I'm not trying to scare you off but this is the sad truth, Bleaching products don't tell you!!!

Bleaching cream rising a lot of moral and ethnic issues in black society,The question is “is bleaching good for me?" caused by self-confidence and appearance always been a top discussion in society, we always point out our imperfection than perfection I guess that what we call human nature. In this society of you fit in or you don’t. It has influence lot of people and especially younger ones on their way of living.

 And as a black person we always have this idea of white supremacy on us, having said that I am referring on how skin tone govern our community today. I take an example of my own country Congo, in 100% of the cases of women you get married or find love, 85% of light skin women are guarantee to find a lover while there is only 20 % of dark skin girl guarantee and those are the pretty ones. And to make things even worse, we have now Team Light skin and Team Dark skin... really? are you guys for real?? 
 Maybe that where the bleaching phenomena has come from? But there is a serious matter of which we need to open our eyes and see, those bleaching creams contain harsh chemical which damage brutally our skin (no mercy). This is  is the result of using Carolight cream, Temovate, Movate, skin light … the list goes on. For those of you who doesn’t know them, those are bleaching creams famously known in African communities mainly Congolese .  

Those Products that have over 2 percent of hydroquinone may cause redness and irritate the skin. Skin bleach that contains mercury cannot be used for long periods of time. The mercury in the product will start to accumulate in the cells of the body causing mercury poisoning, which can lead to liver damage and kidney failure.

Hydroquinone and mercury, also cause the skin to be hyper-sensitive to sun rays, so it is very important that anyone using a skin bleach do so with caution. There are two common products that are found in skin bleach: hydroquinone and mercury. They are both toxic chemicals. Hydroquinone can also be found in photo processing and in hair dyes. Of the two toxins, hydroquinone is the only product that the FDA will recognise as skin bleach.

This goes to all the lady out there if you want to start the procedure of bleaching you skin, carefulness if you want to do it impress someone you might regret it because they may just don't care about you afterward.
But   if you are doing it for you then make sure you use safe product out there. 

I will add this... if God has given you the gorgeous skin you have it's for a reason because it suited you, so don't damage it. Take care of it preciously as it your only one skin, cherish and love it.

If you would like my story of bleaching cream let me know or you would like what is the best routine to take care of you skin let me know as well.
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  1. this is interesting, so sad that so many of us resort to this :(

  2. This is very interesting, i am from nord-Russia, and our ladies have opposite problems: many of them visit solariums in winter (because we have no sun 8 months, from autumn to spring), to have more dark skin and be more mainstream, and cool. Later the skin burns, becomes more rad and later more old, and you have a risk to get the cancer on skin.... (sorry for my bed english)

    1. Sorry for the late reply, But yes it's very sad what people will do to themselves for the price of beauty, I appreciate the fact that this post interested you. I will do another post to discuss more about the skins issues, make sur you keep up.

  3. I like dark women, I've asked friends and many say same...but then, we are west African. In my view, its the effects of colonisation that maes women view lighter skin as more appealing. Colonial rule was a lot more brutal and longer sustained in central Africa and Kenya. I stand to be corrected though.

  4. an industry mostly dominated by the light skinned females bleaching cream for black spot

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