Liputa Swag ( Get Inspired)

The reason why I'm naming this type of african's wear Liputa is because they call it Liputa in Congo. It's a culture which started long time ago but youngsters have left it to older ones , "thinking those  african's wears aren't cool". Hopefully this will get back on track to transmitting it to the next generation who can accept it as a culture, tradition they need to pass on... cause but the look of it the african wear getting wore especially outside Africa was getting lost. that why thanks to the Celebrities and Designers who are bringing it out in the world I'm just really exacted and want to own a Liputa as well. I guess i will get some of my mum's material to make a dress.

Check this out and get inspired.


  1. WOW...theses are so inspiring, the colours are amaze x

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