Fashiolita crazies !!

So I was browsing on the net then I found this amazing website which I am in love with now.
Fashiolita is the name of the website , it's kind of fashioner's facebook where you can share the latest gossip and haul online.

This is how the actual public profile look like, you have a range of somebody's choice and if you click on the item it will pop and give you a choice of buying the items now or where to buy it.

I find it so cool then I created my own account. Go and check me out on Melodi@fashiosta


  1. OMG i've just found out about this like last weeks and am totally in love <3 x oh yeah i know what kitoko means its beautiful in Congolese i peak Congolese heheh


  2. am so addicted to it!! lol so u Congolese too??